Wednesday, 8 July 2009

ooh, some good news...

I've been worrying and fretting quietly to myself about whether I can handle this school appeal tomorrow and it's been a genuine concern about what it would do to my sanity.
I now find myself in the unfamiliar situation of feeling happy and calm. That's because I just had a call from admissions telling me that we don't need to come to the appeal, because the school had agreed to take on more children and therefore Jacob has a place. The nice woman on the phone probably hadn't been prepared for the gushing and thanks and general outpouring she got from me.
I want to know how it's possible and what we need to do but also, suspicious me wants to wait for the letter so I know it's not a big joke.
So, this not a post blarting on about how screwed up the appeals process is and how cruel the bureaucrats within it are.
This is a post to say I'm smiling, I don't feel sick and I think I can begin to plan a workable way to look after my kids, work full time and get back to the business of everyday life.

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