Thursday, 12 August 2010

lots and lots of time gone by

I'm breaking a blogging silence that seems to have crept up on me.

I think it all got a bit too much and I went into coping turtle mode with work home work home chores work get the picture.

I'm just back from a very much needed 9 day day holiday and am at the end of a very promising day 1 of a smiley happy new au pair living in my house. Today I got L's first neuro test out of the way and with friends and old nannies around to help the new childcare, I am ready to go back to work tomorrow without a feeling of dread.

I have also been to my first C18 conference and survived without getting too overwhelmed and indeed genuinely enjoying myself. It was a all a bit of a kick bollock scramble getting to conference and then going away on holiday less than 12 hours after returning, but I am slowly absorbing all I saw and heard there.

Lots has happened since I last posted, not that I can really remember when that was without looking(possibly even before the kidney appointment in June which rattled on a little...more about that another time) but I will endeavour to look back, dig in and come back here with anything worth saying.

What I do know...before I pop off, is that I've now read two Diana Athill books and I'm even more excited about her than I was in my post

So as I tentatively type this and retread this neural confessional pathway, it's nice to be back.

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