Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Having Said That - The Light Version

To balance the commuter-fury post, here is where I force myself to flip the Having Said That rule:

I do wonder how this fragmented life affects my children...having said that when I watch them playing in their room, squeezing me on our hello and goodbye's each day, and knowing that they sleep soundly in their beds at night...I know that if I'm fine, then they are too.

I wonder what kind of effect this continual fire fighting or latent stress is having on me and my health...having said that, I trust that I will tune in and listen to my body in time to catch anything brewing.

I wonder if the various balances that feel lop-sided are ever going to level out...having said that I have to trust the day to day. I have to know that I can only try to do everything to the best that I can. And I'm pretty sure that I do.

I wonder if I am missing all the good stuff while I float and flap my way through this life...Having said that I know what's good, I can taste and feel all that is beautiful around me and I do live in the moment. So recall of those moments is not as important as feeling them as they happen.

Deep breath
Balance attempted and partly achieved
Have a great day


  1. This post felt like so real. It was as if you are mirroring my thought patterns across the Atlantic:)
    Love your line: ...recall of those moments is not as important as feeling them as they happen.