Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ode to Special Mummies Everywhere

I wrote this email in response to a plaintive cry from a dear friend from our C18 register.  An eminently sensible, intelligent and capable woman who had just returned from the latest in a long list of specialist appointments where it was down to her to direct the doctors who are supposed to have been watching her darling child carefully. And unfortunately down to her to point out that they'd missed something vital.

As I sped my way down the Northern Line from work to home I typed and grinned and hoped that this would cheer her up as much as it did me as I typed.
Thankfully it did.

Dear parent

Thank you for your post that our readers all understand and Gah! in support of. 

One small error however that we feel we have to correct is your assertion that you don't have any letters after your name, unlike the so-called experts you are faced with.

It is therefore our pleasure to inform you that due to sterling work as a member of the "special parent" group for almost a decade, you are now officially qualified as an orthopaedic, renal, cardiac, endocrine, audiology, educational, podiatry, opthalmic, pulminary, maxillo-facial, speech, OT, PT specialist. 

Please feel free to add any appropriate letters after your name (and a sneaky FU should you be having a bad day) and carry on the great work.

Exhaustedly (and sometimes inebriatedly) yours

Sara J, joint spokesperson for the "I don't Know How You do It" support group

Hooray for friends and support groups, the kindness of strangers and caring people everywhere.  What would we do without each other.


  1. Oh, I needed this today. I'd like to permanently attach an F.U. degree to my name:)

  2. Hilarious...and so true!! :) Well, in so much as these fields relate to my babe that is. No one knows more about my babe than me!!

  3. thank you my fellow mummies. Candice I feel exactly the same so let's all feel free to add a sneaky FU somedays when we most need it x

  4. Sara, you're a star.

    Can't tell you how much better I shall feel in the next meeting thinking, "I have more letters than you can imagine after MY name, including an emergency FU".

    Supportive, creative, funny... not just a star, a supernova. I feel so lucky to have someone as fab as you for a friend. Thank you.

  5. and thank you so much for this lovely, unexpected and very kind comment. I loved writing this post. As you're anonymous, I will just guess your identity, feel free to email me and tell me who you are xx