Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Getting back on the horse

Ooh it feels strange to be back on blogspot, back in front of the screen, typing away, thinking what to say, what's been happening, where my head is at and not allowing myself to care if it is at all interesting.

...because this will be a post of rambles and shambles but one that fulfils an important role.  Namely me getting back to writing and introspection and writing about introspection, which kind of makes the introspection mean nothing at all, due to going public with it.

Anyway, here is a quick overview of life since June last year.

I have a brand spanking new job full of positive energy and exciting prospects and a little bit more of the high profile TV me that used to exist before the special little people who are asleep in the other room came into my life.  Leaving the old job was a bit toxic from one corner but I do miss the others who I was sad to leave.  Getting the new job happened faster than ever before and working 3 days a week due to a very understanding and great new boss, means that when seepage occurs via my smartphone across the non working days, I don't mind at all.

I have finally travelled to the other side of the world to see my darling wonderful sister and nieces and brother in law and their home and sheep and veggie patches and chickens and swimming pool and trees and hills and all.  And it was amazing.  Amazing even despite a fraudulent travel agent taking our money back in February and not giving us flights, meaning we had to book everything again in November for our trip the following month.  I may have to stand up in court one day soon and tell a jury and judge exactly how stressful those last few months of "will we won't we get there" were, and actually add up how much money we lost and had to pay out....but wow, how lucky to be in a stable enough time of our lives to still be able to get there and make the most of every minute we had.

I am also keeping my pledge to look after myself.   Eating well, checking out medical stuff that I have been ignoring for some time, and exercising a little in a most enjoyable way.  In fact the two fabulous women I exercise with every week are the impetus for me writing this post.  As we giggle, snort and "inhale hold and exhale" our way through Wednesday nights, we always have time to chat and are slowly peeking into each others' lives.  It touches me when people respond to what I write and it's been so long since I let that bit of me out to play, so Ali thanks for inspiring me to come back and Jo, here is what we were talking about.

I haven't written anything in a long time, journal, blog, books, articles, but some of the old stuff that I created and still think about is beginning to surface again.  Watch this space for when I announce the emerging of a very special gang of kids and the adventures they have, because they are having a new home readied for them right now.

I've saved the best update of all for last, the one that comes from my heart and home.   Me and my hubby and beautiful boys are in a calm phase of life.  Work is good and busy for both of us and we are coping with how often we are not in the same country.  We are making hay while the sun shines, taking full advantage of the progress and development and good health of both our boys.  Junior school suits the big one, testosterone is still allowing him to be sensitive and sweet and kind while made of rock and granite under his growing limbs.  My little magic man has had a wonderful year, all health stuff under control, some getting better with age, new stuff arriving that doesn't scare us, still so much luckier and more successful than I had ever dared to dream.

My writing bones are a bit stiff and achey so I think I'm going to leave my comeback effort here.  It's nice to be back and I look forward to finding my voice again, working out what Sara circa 2013 wants to say and think and feel.

Hope to see you here as I work it out x


  1. I don't know how you do it, I had thought that Supergirl was a DC comic hero, but not anymore.
    I wish I could write like that x

  2. lovely Barry, hugs and thanks to you my constant supporter and maker of great hair that looks like I either have the time or energy to make an effort with xx