Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Olivia Colman, Romola Garai and me...thank you BAFTA

I am writing this post as a big smiling shout out to my friends Fran and Rachel from Portobello Parties www.portobelloparties.com for the following reasons:

1.  For having immaculate style and choosing to channel that into a fantastic little clothes business that brings Portobello designers to my (your) door.
2.  For being my friends and living round the corner for when at the last minute I realise I need to look nice for something.
3.  For knowing what will suit me despite my angst-ridden protestations.

A week and a half ago I suddenly realised that besides being excited to be going to the BAFTA's to support the two nominations for Homeland, that I would actually have to wear something nice when I got there.  PP came to the rescue as always, at the last minute, with suggestions for me about how to do black tie as effortlessly as possible.

With husband away and childcare thin on the ground and all the other non-glamorous aspects of my behind-the-scenes life, I knew I wouldn't have time to stare in the mirror and doubt myself while wearing any kind of long, grown up or ostentatious dress.

Fran suggested a fantastic bottle green faux leather mini with scalloped hem that she had on the rails, which, coupled with black posh tights and my favourite high heeled shoe boots would let me go rock chick but appropriate. My colleagues and companions for the night were a tall effortlessly chic blonde woman with Viking roots, and a handsome gay man comfortable wherever you drop him.  I knew that he would be taking photos and streaming us live from the cab, carpet and reception and that our shit hot MarComs back at Keshet would send those images "out there".  So while I did feel a little bit White Swan as the material squashed down my ample boobage, I trusted my PP stylists and took the plunge.

Cut to Sunday afternoon, kids and dog deposited with family allowing me an hour to get ready, there I was, striding happily down the red carpet, in the drizzling rain. I felt very chic in my dress, Vintage tux jacket from the mother in law, awesome vintage Chanel drawstring bag from sister in law and a dash of smoky eye and red lippy from me.

Here is a glimpse of the dress that the PP girls knew would be perfect for me and the occasion.  In it you will see my boss looking as he says "quite powerful like a movie mogul, with me his glamorous starlet a pace behind".

I have let him get away with this hilarious channeling of Hollywood sexism because he also said I looked very Siouxsie Sioux.  Plus I secretly like the idea, as I near the grand age of 41, of being any kind of "-let".

So thanks PP friends who allowed me to sit pretty while watching Olivia Colman be charming and funny, Graham Norton be primetime naughty and Romola Garai talk about her vaginal stitches.

My husband hopes that I win one of those lovely bronze faces one day, which may or may not come to pass, but either way I know I'll have my outfit sorted if it does.

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