Friday, 25 April 2014

(Don't) Ask A Busy Woman

Yes it is self flagellation time again as I start with an apology for all the blog posts I have been doing in my head since last I was here.

The one about taking on the huge task of organising a big fundraising dinner.
The one about doing so with just one other busy working mum of a special boy like me
The one about doing this while trying to balance work and home and the things that make me glow like helping at school and reaching out to other Ch18 families and raising money
The one about being so proud of our event, of everyone who supported in all the many ways they did including spending the evening with us.
The one about raising enough funds to fill the gap for this year's conference and more on top to set us up for next time.
The one about being so enormously proud of Chromosome 18's new ambassador Eve Rushmer (more about her another time for sure!)
The one about going to Paris the day after abovesaid event, breaking my shoe as I ran for the Eurostar, spilling coffee on my dress as I wobbled down the carriages, and still rocking the day because of the amazing Portobello Style dress I was wearing
The one about my darling sister and family coming to stay a few days after and it all feeling so normal to be rattling around my house together, them and us, her kids and mine
The one about going to Manchester for Passover and spending proper gorgeous family time with my extended family of mum, siblings, aunts, uncles, family friends, 1st cousins, 1st cousins once removed (that rule really confuses me fyi) second cousins and all the in between.
The one about needing to take stock and wind down again, making my days off days off, walking, exercising, getting well, shaking off the low lying illnesses I have been ignoring.
The one about being scared of winding down because I have completely forgotten how to relax and not feel guilty about only achieving a few things a day outside of the ordinary

And the one today.  About having walked around slowly having started the day attending my big son's assembly, then paid in some fundraised cheques, walked to the pet store and the health food shop, walked the dog and squeezed in a work call and some emails. That for me is slow and happy and a move towards a calmer life.

Next up, my relief at having secured new childcare and untensed my shoulders a little knowing that all we have to do now is make it work again with all the changes going on in our lives, house, and the little people in it.

Thanks for letting me catch you up.
Whimsy and humour and proper writing to follow now that the backlog has been outed

Happy Friday all

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