Tuesday, 4 November 2014

To do or not to do lists

this is a first

getting up from a busy head that won't let me sleep
eschewing the post it note and pen that scribbles the items on the list that usually helps me to clear enough space to sleep
and coming here, to the spare room, opening my laptop, and writing a blog I keep forgetting to come back to sufficiently for any kind dwindling readers to continue to pop by

my work days are full of notebooks and slate lists and highlighter pens and diaries and nearly enough hours in the day if I can just string enough minutes together to make up those hours

my home days are full of the stuff of menial life like eating, shopping, organising the family, the diaries, the dates and distraction techniques for when daddy next travels, and the childcare extras for those times due to not having managed to clone myself yet.

around this, the gaps forced open for the things that make me smile, like exercise and helping at school and blitzing through the replies to the emails marked unread, the family history just beginning and oh and the lovely bits of writing and charity work that are beginning to have a life of their own.

then there is my constant need to clear the clutter of drawers and cupboards and toys and clothes, in order to streamline our lives.  that urge doesn't seem to be going any time soon.

and the next series of Orange Is The New Black is waiting for us, our current joint happy sofa viewing, squashed into the weeks that we are both in the country and awake

lists and more lists to achieve and ignore

and a tired blog post from somebody who really should be asleep

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