Thursday, 7 January 2010

Gender stereotypes in play

When I came in from work tonight I read the boys my new story, Lolly the Lamb, and then they asked to write stories too. So, computer on knee, I typed, they created and I helped them to shape as they wove their sweet little tales.

J's was about a boy called Sammy with 11 siblings (add that to the books he chooses at school called Johnny's new baby and you'll see a pattern)and Louis' was about a dinosaur called Jay who liked to go raar.

Then Daddy comes home and within 2 minutes they get tired of storytelling, and the next time I look up, he's in full on wrestling mode with them. Instead of two little boys, we now have ice man and I think spiderman and they are jumping on each other, tops off, full of mini testosterone.

It inevitably goes too far, so Daddy tries to calm them down which takes some time(meanwhile Lhas a little coughing fit and goes off to the loo in case he's sick).

They're now using the toy food and plates to cook pretend yukky things for each other, and cakes, and having a lovely time navigating between our male and female playing, and I've come in here to quickly post this blog.

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