Thursday, 14 January 2010

Oddity Exposure #1 - Clockwise

I made myself giggle at bedtime last week.
You know when you suddenly become aware of your own oddities?
Well my favourite one at the moment is that I seem to operate in a clockwise direction. Even when it's the long way round.
Most nights, I come to bed and read a little to turn off the brain from all the lists and "must-do's" and "haven't done's" and "they said's".
So, reading, pillow piled under my head as I lie on my back, the eyelids get heavy and I throw the magazine down (Sunday Times Magazine or Style in snippets all week long, in case you were wondering).
I get all snuggly and ready to sleep and make my way to my preferred sleeping position - on my front, head turned to the right.
To reiterate, I'm lying on my back, but instead of just turning to my left to get there (ie anticlockwise) I seem to turn to my right and do a kind of flip over to reach the same point (ie clockwise).
I think I've been doing it forever, but now I'm aware, it means I go to sleep giggling a bit every night.
and try as I might, I can't just turn to the left.
oddity exposed...
I thank you

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