Thursday, 11 February 2010

one in one out

We've been hospital-tastic in the last few weeks (as well as home alone during husband's 10 day business trip) and have new things in and new things out.
Strictly it's two in two out but that doesn't sound as good.
Speech therapy out - he's doing so well we really don't need to be there, never really did actually but because 99% of the kids with 18p- have issues I didn't want to leave it to chance.
Heart out - the pinhole that was found in Nov 08 has gone and the heart is gloriously clinically and physically normal.  We don't have a reason for his getting blue lips and cold extremities, but still, a good result is a good result.
Hearing back in - today his hearing test showed a horribly blocked right grommet that needs either cleaning or replacing.  So that's an operation, small and insignificant for some kids but because of airway concerns and low muscle tone, not so for him.  We're rushing it through before the health insurance runs out (don't get me started!)
Most upsettingly
Kidneys in - I've been monitoring this for sometime since my witchy senses started tingling and I bought some dipstix.  We've now had two lots of urine tested, one lot of blood tests and need to deliver more of the former to the hospital and wait for an outpatient appointment with a new paediatrician with knowledge of renal things.
Both D and I feel pretty crappy about this one, like it's not just going to go away like some of the other stuff.  I'm in denial about what it could be, pushing it to the back of my mind and resisting too much research until we know more.
Accentuate the positive and all that.
wow, a pretty downbeat post.  I've been quiet for so long because this is actually more positive than I've been able to be for sometime.
It'll take me a lot more practice at this to be able to be totally honest as I feel the things I feel. 

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