Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday, lovely Monday

Today I cracked it, this working three days a week thing.
13 weeks after my foot op, I spent this free day getting the balance right.
Firstly taking my boys to school, seeing the other parents, enjoying the reaction of the kids to the Great Fire of London story session I did last week. Then I went for coffee with my lovely friends at the Deli I always wished I spent more time in.
From there to a quick butcher and grocery shop before 2 hours singing with a group of wonderful old Jazz musicians. Then straight to the gym for that all important rehab, before school pickup, gentle unhurried walk home, homework, playing and music round the kitchen table while I cooked and ate with the kids.
Guilt free, restful, creative, happy being both quick and slow, lazy and efficient, I am delighted to have had this one day feel this good.

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