Sunday, 25 January 2015

If you Build It; The Treehouse At Number 9

Someone clever told me that I should use more pictures if I write a blog post about our musical story App The Treehouse at Number 9, so that anyone who stumbles here can catch up and join in.

So this week more pictures and more good news.

We are still happy and shocked at the 15,000 lovely people who have done as Cee-Cee here requested, and downloaded our App.

Across the week we have had bloggers and tweeters, mums, dads and carers, strangers and friends all helping the momentum to build.

Genuinely every download and message lets us know that there is an audience for these children and their stories. Which is more than we dared to hope for.

On Thursday I was at an evening talk about TV tax breaks, when I received some amazing news about our latest download figure.

Having realised quite quickly that this talk was not quite what I had expected, the call I got from Karen and the subsequent catch up emails put paid to any concentration remaining at all.

So while clever people talked about budgets and percentages, all I could think of was our number...

Does that say 30??

Did you say 30?!

Does that mean we have 30,000 downloads!!!!

And the answer was Yes.

We continue to be very moved by every download and message, which is driving us to think about what we can do next.  With a quiet-ish launch only just getting into its stride, it is clear that there are families out there who want to swipe, listen and read about our happy, positive kids and their adventures.

As a mother of a special boy I know the pride that he has in just the name of our gang, our Genies, because of the vocabulary I gave him that most children would never need. He has a script that is custom made, ready to answer back with pride should the need arise:

"I have two rare genetic disorders. That means I have a little bit more on 22 and a little bit missing on 18.
My genes mean that my body and mind sometimes work differently. But I can do everything that you can."

And so can our Genies

Have you downloaded the App on your iPad so you can meet them yet?  If not please do so here

And keep sharing with your friends and ask them to spread the word, also review it if you like it, and please feel free to tell us what you would like us to do next.

Remember we don't make money from this App which is why every new person who gets in touch is helping us in loftier ways.  Your support helps to raise awareness and spread the approach that we have taken, that difference is a good thing and it's time to bring it to the mainstream in children's fiction.

So come and join the 30 club, thanks and love from us and have a great week!



  1. Apple only? Don't own one, but would download if android.

  2. We hope to have Android capability soon, it's top of our wish list. Watch this space, I'll blog and share when we get it.