Sunday, 22 March 2015

Repost for Mother's Day

Late to the party, but this is a blogpost that I proudly did for Jeans 4 Genes on Mother's Day last week.

Read it here

At the time this was posted last Sunday I was being Sara Johnson TV exec, listening to clever TV types talk about the industry with the backdrop of glorious Jerusalem.

Back now, enjoying my weekend and a return to my schizophrenic Johnson/Jackson work/life separation, I felt like reposting the blog.

As regular readers will know, this charity is very close to my heart, supporting us a family but also helping to inspire us to bring our Genies gang to life in our App The Treehouse at Number Nine.

if you still haven't downloaded the app (for FREE, for Ipad only, from the App Store) you can find links here at

Happy Spring from Lugs, the whole of the Genies gang, and me xx

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