Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Deceptively simple means often not simple at all

I had really been enjoying the apparent simplicity of L's latest operation. 

The replacement grommets and full removal of remaining adenoids went just as it would for a typical child, which meant I could relax and let go of my anxiety about things being as complicated as first time round.
So yesterday we went to see our wonderful surgeon for the follow up (with tingling bells about L saying the right ear was scratchy) only to find that the bleeding from said right ear the day after his op, that I was concerned about but took as normal, might well have been the grommet deciding to evacuate.
Dr W couldn't see it due to dried blood and was a little worried, so we now go into another week of drops, another look next Monday, which means another few hours of planning logistics and how to get him there/take him home/do my job, and if the grommet has gone, thoughts about another op.
I try to be all positive and it isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it would be really nice to have something go super smoothly all the way through.

I'll write down all the things that are helping me to smile this week just to stop me getting all moody:

Matrimonial harmony resumed and D's excitement about our upcoming weekend away is infectious.
Not yet feeling sick about leaving my babies behind for said weekend, helped by their wonderful Aunt C looking forward to having them for the first time.
Three days and counting of blue skies and frosty sunshine makes me feel like we're on the borders of Spring.
Memories of a wonderful family-filled mother's day where my both kids but especially big boy was so kind and sweet my heart popped a little

Finally, something lightened in my head so that I'm able to smile and laugh and move on from the dark thoughts when they threaten.

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