Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Stern and Necessary Advice - J to S 1.2

My very wise and kind 18p- mummy friend K (who lives in the UK and who I really have to meet someday!) has just given me a timely ticking off about not waiting around for people to turn out to either be helpful or not. 

She says I need to write to the CEO of the LEA (so many abbreviations in this section of my life!) and request an assessment.  So while the keyworker assembles the as-yet-to-be-appointment team, and I wait for my school meeting, I need to write my letter and really get going on it all.

I feel a bit sick but she's right.  I mean you're right.  So thank you!

One day I'll post about all the fears I have about how it feels to even ask for this process to begin.  How I fear I'm really sometimes as much in denial about my little man as the other people I fight so vehemently.  How the fact that he is doing so well and being so typical feeds a dangerous part of me.  The little tiny piece of me that is still hoping someone will turn around and say "sorry, we were wrong, he's actually fine".

Another day...another post.

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