Thursday, 30 December 2010

An update on our "team"

As we canter towards 2011 I want to  mark the following things.

Firstly that the NHS has been really really good to me this year and that finally my little man has:

A named paediatrician.  A clever, emotionally intelligent, efficient named paediatrician with a secretary that is good, a plan for when she's on maternity leave and an interest in 18p deletion.
A paediatric passport (that came in the post two days after we spent time at A&E on Boxing Day with suspected measles but still).
A raft of healthcare professionals that listen, advise, learn, help and are accessible.
And a mummy that knows a lot more about how to make it all work without getting too stressed.

So while life is still complicated, it's amazing to have the system giving us some of what we need to get on with it all without drama at every small hurdle.

With education, we have two more terms left at his really wonderful kindergarten and I've started to look forward with them about things that will help me with the school transition.  On that note we've done the forms for school entry and I feel calm and as if I know as much as I need to keep on top of it.  Having said that I have the plan in place for "if" it all ballses up like with his big brother (can't help preparing for the worst) and am ready to strip naked and chain myself to Big Ben if necessary this time.

We have the appointment in place for his new genetic testing so I can work my way back to neat and informed again.

I know and accept that I still overthink every rash and fever and also that I need to, but just as important is my D who balances me with careful (sometimes) scepticism.

I still think that when school does come around, that I'll have to be more than this very very part time mummy, but there's time to work out how to do that.

And there's so much more to really look at with regard to me, my stress, my coping mechanisms and how it might not be going quite as well as it should, but that's for another post.

So Happy New Year to all the people who help us to look after our family and thanks for restoring my shattered faith in the systems we have.

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