Thursday, 16 December 2010

Winding Down

It's a gradual process
This wind down to the end of the year
When my "time disorder" gets a little bit of a rest and I can look back knowing that this year took a whole year to get through
No matter how long the hours and days and months felt in my skewed perception
Or how confusing time continues to be for me in my busy happy challenging life
This year of 2010 will have taken 365 days to complete its journey.

My brain has already started sighing into quiet
I'm not even reading on the tube now
Just staring into space
Sometimes looking around and listening
Mainly just staring

So as I head towards my last day of work on Friday
ready to have two clear weeks of family time, me and my kids and my D
I'll get to be a happy mummy to bring this year to a close
Cramming our holiday with activities a plenty and some lovely big gaps of nothing for pyjama days and puzzles and drawing and films under a blanket

I can hardly wait

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