Friday, 23 April 2010

Brotherly Love

Been meaning to learn how to put photos on this site.
This is my first attempt and with two little people very close to my heart.

I was looking back at old photos and was struck by how many of my boys had this gorgeous affection in them, totally natural.

This first is from 2006.  I love the smile of my soon to be magic L, secure in the love of an older brother.  At this stage, following a really worrying pregnancy, we weren't back in worry land yet and were just enjoying our new baby.

Here it's 2007.  Things were clearer, we knew more, in fact we knew less, and we didn't even know how little we knew but one thing very clear was how hard it felt. But these two brothers in their bubble seemed to know and understand everything important.

Taken on Grandma's 70th birthday, back in February 2010. Now we "know" L's genetic disorder.  We all know it's name.  We all know that he finds some stuff more difficult and sometimes gets a bit ill.  But these brothers who share a room, who play and fight and play some more, know that brothers are something to be cherished.
And cherish them we all do.
Every little curl and smile.


  1. This brought me to the edge of tears. What special photographs and moments. Love knows no bounds. x

  2. How absolutely adorable! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am happy we are connected with this Chromosome 18 World family. Anxious to stay in touch this way. What gorgeous boys you have...

  3. thank you all so much, I am surprised and delighted at how nice this all feels. thanks for reading...and feeling... and commenting x