Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Journey To Statement - 2.0

I have an apology to make to the aforementioned community paediatrician.  It's an apology I'm very happy to be making because it means I was wrong and can now add her to the list of medical people who get it and who I can trust.
She goes a bit further because she can see and hear me without me jumping up and down and shouting.  Having written a great report from our meeting, and followed up the kidney thing independently, today in a meeting just for me she listened, responded, intuited and without being pressed, offered to be across L's case until he goes to school.
Apologies are also going out to my keyworker, who, after a very long and emotional email from me responding to the Team Around the Child suggestion, stopped me when she saw me in the neighbourhood and we discussed things.  She'd been thinking, talking to people and digging, and had come to the conclusion I had which was that I should apply for a statutory assessment and take it from there. She offered that J's school, who we're seeing tomorrow, can talk to her at any time if that would be helpful.

So I now have wonderful practical advice and letter structure from my friend K, a medical report being compiled by the paediatrician, a meeting tomorrow at the school and a keyworker ready to respond to whatever I may need her to do.  Alongside, of course, the support and help of L's nursery and head teacher.

So today, is a good day.

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