Saturday, 3 April 2010


It's always good and bad when I'm proved right.
Having got bored of waiting for Barnet to take me seriously and tell me about the proteinuria samples and all of that, I decided to contact Great Ormond Street myself.  On Thursday, finally this double pronged approach to ever getting a kidney referral seemed to converge.
As I was on the phone to Great Ormond Street finding out how I find out when I might get an appointment, Barnet hospital were calling my home to tell me that we weren't going to see me there, but that they needed to send us to Great Ormond Street.
I got home from work to hear about Barnet and then the very nice admin man from renal at GOS called to advise me as I'd requested, so I could tell him about him now seeing two referral letters.  He assured me, finally, that we were now in the system and that we didn't need things from Barnet as they'd do all of their own tests there.
I first started looking at this for myself in April 2009.
I first saw a registrar about it in November 2009.
I first got blood and urine tests done on New Year's Eve 2009.
We did two more subsequent urine tests and blood pressure readings, with me only knowing they were high.
I've been trying to get clarity for months.
I've been waiting ever since.

And the community paediatrician who told me we would probably just get bumped back to a registrar, much to my quiet annoyance, is wrong.  Just as I knew.
I can't wait to tell her in a few week's time.

Here's to clarity.
Here's to being wrong about what we're looking at and what it'll mean.

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