Tuesday, 1 March 2011

3 random thoughts after 10 minutes of browsing tabloid online sites

1) I'm very disturbed about the Aretha Franklin article saying how she's lost so much weight by cutting out hamburgers.  Now, I love Aretha, one of my faves, but this is a ludicrous article, contributory to the rot of the "famous people need to be thin in order to be a good role model" epidemic.  Aretha's family confirmed she had cancer not 4 months ago, she's just been hospitalised for some other "illness" and clearly, wonderfully is changing her life and habits as a result.  Do we really have to have a lecture about burgers vs salad and ignore all of the above for her "amazing" weight loss?  Sigh, the "celebritying" of cancer...I've seen it all now.

2) Joanna Lumley and Rosamund Pike are built from the same exquisite posh blonde beautiful mode.  (shh, don't think about the BAFTA "and the award goes to" memory, move on).  They have the same even smile, deep smooth tones, inspire the same reaction of "wow, I so don't look or sound like that" from me.  All I can think of is why hasn't anybody cast them as mother and daughter yet?  Maybe I should.

3) John Galliano.  Deary deary me.  Nuff said.

And a final pointless ramble on this post with no depth but that curiously makes me smile.....

I used my Burts Bees lipbalm on the way home last night and found my finger touching the metal of the bottom of the pot.  I grinned a huge grin because I try really hard to finish things rather than throw them away when I'm bored. 
Just like I try to wear my clothes until they fall apart and rarely buy anything new, despite my devouring of Style fashion magazine each week. 
Just like I enjoy using the stuff I can't recycle and can't bring myself to throw away for many strange and wonderful things.  So this morning I smiled when I opened the raisins to put on the kids cereal, and untied the sparkly elastic band I rescued from the tag wrapped round some chocolates we had, having recycled the tag and held back the band for later use.


It's the small things that count

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  1. Loved this post! It was just the funny little ramblings I needed today ;)