Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Displacement Posting

I'm feeling terribly emotional and frustrated today. 

I don't really want to dwell on that in this post (although just to get it out of my system, it's because D is away on the second of three business trips in  month and I feel quite lonely, and even though I made him fly early to avoid the ash cloud, I'm sad we missed our anniversary dinner. I'm probably hormonal, I am frustrated at work because it's been a week of banging my head against a wall so far, I'm messing with my head about the looming kidney stuff with fruitless internet searches, and people keep saying nice things to me about this blog and all it entails which until now I guess I didn't really talk about, which brings out all my tears)
I'm not going to dwell on any of that because I want to talk about old ladies and boxing.

We went to visit the boys' great granny in hospital at the weekend (she's really quite poorly but happy and sweet as ever) and I found it gloriously incongruous that there, on the "old ladies ward" in a sea of grey hair, they were all straining to see the small TV in the corner with a repeat of a very brutal boxing match on it.

D thought that it wasn't at all strange yet I remained mesmerised watching them watching, utterly transfixed.

Old ladies and boxing. 

Odd bedfellows but lovely all the same.


  1. I am frustrated these days too, as you know if you have read my blog since yesterday. Ugh!!

    The old ladies and boxing. Too funny! It's good to have something make us laugh.

  2. The old ladies and their boxing is a delightful distraction to ones thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing;)

  3. This provided just the right amount of humor for me today! Thanks for posting!

    I'm wondering if you would be okay if I linked your blog from the Registry's blog? I am trying to get a list of families' blogs together, so that people can read about each other's experiences, both good and bad! What do you think?

  4. I'd be so happy for you to link it. with my blogging buddies as listed here, it's nice to be part of a special group. great idea!