Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Rhythm of My Week

Radio on, open the eyes, struggle to see and shrink dreams down to size
Slope out of bed to see my boys, ruffle their heads, clear up the toys
Choose the clothes, nag and dress, nag some more and down the stairs
Breakfast and milk, write notes, pack lunch, quick drink, quick hug, an apple to crunch
Walk through the park, hit pavement and stride, squash on the tube til the end of the ride
Work, smile, frown, think nice, 9 to 5 whizzes by in a trice
Slalom to station and trot my way down, twisting and turning away from the town
Clickety clack, rumbling track, speed to the suburbs as mummy comes back
Walk through the park, grass in my toes, smile at the birds, ease down the road
Kisses and hugs as I come through the door, smiles and soft curls, connecting once more
Check one for mood, the other for changes, respond or relax,whatever the range is
Sit down and cuddle, this weary old mum, the challenge of balance is finding the fun

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